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Who Are We

Asian Catering & Event Management Specialist

Pure Catering is run by the Purewal Family who have many years in the hospitality industry. Over time we operated a function hall and hotel and over the years we became dismayed how external caterers?quality in regards to their food and event management for the event? was way below what we would expect.

With a passion and purpose we set out to not only improve the industry but to surpass it. We understand what a client needs in an event. The?standard?of food has to surpass all expectations hence we have?selected?top chefs and our own family?recipes?to?experiment?what would make customers go wow.

Then we all look at not only how the food tasted but how it would be presented and with smile, so we trained all our waitress team to our standard personally,?because?their only one standard we except and that’s the Pure Standard.


What makes us special?

  • We control every aspect of the event

By using all our services you can be rest?assured?that all aspects of your event are being?looked after, this is rare in the Asian Catering and Event Management.
  • We work with clients to create their?individual dreams

We don’t?believe?every wedding is the same?because?their?is only one you. That is why will work with you to create your dream event.
  • Dedicated event manager and planner

Don’t pay for a planner, we arrange everything for you for your big day. We have a dedicated Event manager who will be with you from the start right?the?end.
We will?create?your in ternary with you. your?vision, keep you update on all progress, make?adjustment if need be.
But all at the same you can relax you have someone in your corner and make sure that person will attend your event day knowing your vision.
  • Our Chefs, event?managers?and waiters have been?hand trained?the pure standard

We believe that we have a very?unique?way to arranging weddings and Event of all sorts.
We have a core of team that are trained to the Pure?standard?which is unique?in the Asian wedding? and event scene.


Why Should You Contact Us ?

We strongly believe that the customer comes first in the service industry, and we are both willing and able to personally design the right type of service for your event.

We are knowledgeable and understanding of all different religious customs and beliefs and ensure that they are respected and honored.

Start the process by contacting us and see where your dream event can take place and what it could look? like with Pure Catering.



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