Decorative Management

You may be wondering what Decorative?Management is. Over the Years Pure Catering has seen many events where the Client has ordered decorations for their event from other companies and to be honest the co-ordination?of supplying these expensive decorative items has been stressful for the client. That was why Pure Catering made its sister Arm, Pure Creative Events to help in these matters. With Onkar Singh Managing director and Our Creative Director On-Mahoney they have put packages together where everything you need to make your event simply beautiful and elegant can be put in place easily by us while you sit back and relax. We understand that some clients like to be involved and some sit back. Either is no problem for us. What makes our service?so unique? Many things such as:

  • We to try?understand your vision for the day
  • We bring you samples, over to you house if you want of the material and items so you can see first hand what it looks and feels like
  • We meet you at the venue to describe what goes where so you know exactly what it will look like
  • Co-ordinate with the venue to make sure everything runs smoothly

And simply as we can, we manage everything for you so you can sit back and relax.